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My Commandments.

My Commandments

I follow my dreams and visions without any doubt. I fight for them with faith – even having to do things that are far beyond my comprehension. My visions and dreams keep my energy flow and my intuition work fast.

Love is the only purpose in my life and guides me every step of the way. I truly love myself and show great respect for myself and my fellow beings. I fully accept all limitations and differences.

I look after the well being of mind, body and soul. I give assistance wherever needed. I am truthful and honest at all times and judge with kindness and wisdom.

I play fair in the game of life. I enjoy life and cherish it as a great gift. I am surrounded by people that make me happy.

I always have enough money so I can afford the living I enjoy. I live a copious life in all aspects. I am healthy, curative and vital.

Everything comes to me, naturally and at ease. I manage everything effortless. I am godsend. Unworried I welcome every new day, knowing that everything is in its place in my life.

I savor life to the fullest. I do what I know to be right (myself). I take full responsibility for all my actions.

There is only one moment of true power: the eternal now. I know that there is no try. I know I have a destiny to fulfill.

I aim and reach my goal despite of what others say or think. I welcome changing requirements at any time. I am dedicated to the aim to be a living sample of my work.

I treat the earth and all that dwell there on with great respect and tenderness. I value individuals and interactions over concepts, processes and tools. I value working results over comprehensive documentation. I value collaboration over contracts. I value a respond to change over following a plan.

I have come to value face-to-face conversation as the most efficient method of conveying information.

I work together for the benefit of all mankind. I create value for the people I work with through a strategic process in a good spirit with a lot of passion.

Commitment and responsibility for my self and the people I work with give space to trust, change and growth. My highest priority is to satisfy the people I work with through continuous attendance, care and co-creation of valuable results.

I cherish every single thought, idea or step in the process as a valuable contribution to the final result, even if considered not to be followed or realized. I share my earnings with my fellow beings.

I commit to unlearn what I have learned. I commit to face every shadow until I live the light. I commit to leave all pain and sorrow behind to bring love and light to the planet.

With love,

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